An investment in equities gives the best returns

Invest with Funds India

The stock markets delivered 16 per cent annually* over the past 15 years. This makes equity your best bet for growing wealth. And with FundsIndia, it gets even better because you can start investing in equities for free

That’s right! You can now enjoy brokerage-free trading when you invest in equities with FundsIndia.

Investing is great, isn’t it? It has so many perks – watching capital appreciate, getting higher returns on your investment, earning income from dividends and more!

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Stock markets are THE place you build massive wealth – with the right knowledge.

But how does one enter the markets without the know-how? Many people are unaware on how to buy stocks / shares and start investing.

FundsIndia is your answer!

FundsIndia offers an equity investment platform through which you can easily invest in the share market online. You can open your free online trading account and get recommendations on which shares to buy / sell, all at your fingertips.

With FundsIndia you,

  • Can start investing in equities for free
  • Can open an account without margin money
  • Get access to innovative tools like Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) and 5-Day margins
  • Benefit from active monitoring of your portfolio, trigger-based investing, and more such features

What’s more?

Our team of dedicated financial advisors will give you goal driven advice and stock recommendations, help you create portfolios on demand, review and manage your investments for you!

You don’t have to be worried again, on how to purchase shares online, or how to invest in equity funds. With FundsIndia’s free online trading account, you have access to the best place to buy stocks online.

Register now and benefit from our award-winning advisory services.

Why Funds India?

Free-for-life account | Custom Investment Solutions | Invest Instantly | Monitor & Track Investments

No account opening charges. Account maintenance charges of Rs. 200 a year will be applicable from the second year. The following charges will still be applicable – Stamp duty/charges on delivery: 0.01% of the transaction amount; securities transaction tax on delivery: 0.1% on the transaction amount; turnover tax/transaction charges: 0.0035% on the turnover.

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